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Juliénas Probus

Rich and Ample

Reds: The steep slopes and small hillsides planted with the Gamay grape vines are revealed in treasures by the winemakers. Fruity savory : wine of conviviality and simplicity, supple, light, red fruit notes Winter wines, The wines are able to warm up your winter evenings and pair well with hearty meals Wines for aging, these are elegant wines with very fine tannins, he can be kept and aged for ten years or more.

Juliénas Probus


"Probus" a latin name reminding us that Gamay started to be grown in Beaujolais under the Roman empire.

Food Pairings

Try it with games in sauce, lamb, pork or beef roast, and cheese.

Retail price

15,00 €

Potential for aging.

15 Years.

Optimum moment for tasting.

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Juliénas Probus

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