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Pascal Aufranc, member of Terroirs Originels' estates

Pascal Aufranc Pascal Aufranc Pascal Aufranc Pascal Aufranc Pascal Aufranc Pascal Aufranc

"I have the good fortunate to work on beautiful hillside plots surrounded by woods, and I like to make wines expressing their origin."

Pascal Aufranc

Off the beaten track, my estate is an old farm that emanates tradition through its beautiful stone houses overlooking the village. My home is also my workplace, perched on the hillside of Remont in Chénas. I am surrounded by woods, fields, and vineyards. This mosaic of landscape amazes me every day and gives my wines a singular expression and sense of harmony.

I always prefer patience and observation over manipulation and my growing methods are the most environmentally friendly as possible and being that my land is isolated I can practice this choice with intention.

As an active member of Terroirs Originels for over 15 years, I am committed to this alliance which invests in enriching the image of the vineyard and winemakers, and demonstrates a level of quality standards and know how for our region.


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Published on February 05 2020


J'aurais le plaisir de vous rencontrer et vous faire déguster mes vins à Wine Paris le 11 et 12 février. Read more

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Pascal Aufranc

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Pascal Aufranc
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